Saturday, April 28, 2018

On Teaching Young Men To Be Men

"General Washington, while President of the United States sent an agent to the Chypewyan Tribe, whose friendship it was requisite we should cultivate, to preserve the lucrative fur trade that we held with them.  Washington, by his agent offered, 'the United States would take two or three of the sons of their chiefs and educate them in our Universities.'  When the agent had executed the command, the Indians, who never have an immediate answer on things that they think of importance, told him, 'that they would think of it,' and after a short time returned for answer, 'that they had consulted on the subject; and that they were of an opinion, that it would render them too effeminate to be educated in our colleges, as it would totally disqualify them to hunt or pursue the war, but in return for the civility of their brother Chief, Washington, that if he would send the sons of any of his chiefs among them, they would educate them to pursue the chase for several days without eating, and to go without clothes in extreme cold weather, and in frosty nights to lie on the ground without covering, and every other thing requisite, to make them Indians, and men.'" - Journal of Lewis and Clark, Appendix


Rummuser said...

Fantastic! What a gem!!

Looney said...

This quote was sufficient in itself and needing of no further commentary!