Monday, January 08, 2018

Official Brain Analysis

A careful study was done and the doctor put in the official document that my brain is "unremarkable".  This was based on an MRI scan of my brain as part of the comprehensive health check which I had in Taiwan.  I am surprised that nothing peculiar was found, but I can be thankful I am not a 'genius'.  The full statement in the medical report was given in English and Chinese:

"Essentially unremarkable finding in this study."

Or as Google translate says, "No obvious abnormalities found".

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Old and New

On our travels through the Taiwan countryside we were given a break at what was supposedly a famous temple.  The traditional architecture was expected, but what was really unexpected was to see a 7-11 as part of the temple facility.  Is there a link between Buddhism and 7-11?  I don't want to think too far, especially since there are crazy things that call themselves "churches", never mind that the origin of the word for church is uniquely Christian. 

One explanation offered up was that the statues now have taken a liking to the food available at 7-11, rather than, say, Whole Foods.  The other being that this reflected changing appetites of the faithful, rather than the statues.  The moving electronic signs stood in nice contrast to the traditional calligraphy.  Mainly I am interested to observe, so won't draw too many conclusions from this.

Monday, January 01, 2018

2018: Welcome To The Narco-Republic of California

My main thought is that I probably want to limit my driving and stay away from roads as the legalized marijuana multiplies addicts.  We shall see.  With the current marijuana strains being much more potent due to careful breeding, the end result will be somewhat different than the '60's era arguments anticipate.

The libertarians like to argue that the government should not legislate on such things.  In this case, however, the marijuana is coming in as an act of legislation with the intent of setting up a regulatory and taxation structure around it.  My suspicion is that drug head culture will simply ignore the regulatory infrastructure.  A problem being that drug heads need to earn money to support their addiction, and drug dealing is both a way to do this and to expand the narcotics market. 

But back to the libertarians:  They seem to think that the government shouldn't be in the business of regulating good and evil, vice and virtue.  This ignore the fact that evil is hostile to good and vice is all about overthrowing virtue, while the entire point of human society is to build something greater through the relationships of the individuals.  At some point you can't be neutral about such things, while the leftist gestapo is increasingly interfering in the lives of the citizenry to enforce its pseudo-morality ...  the idea the evil has more public utility than good, and vice is to be encouraged over virtue since the state can earn a greater profit and dependency from vice and evil.

Then there are the war analogies.  "The war on drugs can't be won, therefore it shouldn't be fought."  So what about the war on unsanitary conditions?  We could save a lot by doing away with garbage pickup and eliminate the landfills, just as the homeless have proven.  Some wars have to be fought, even though they can never be one.  But the real war analogy here is the Opium Wars, where the Europeans raped China to earn profits off of their opium business.  As the Bible says, "there is nothing new under the sun", so we see that the California government thinks it can obtain a profit from all this.  The army of government employees is already in place to handle things and make sure people pay up. 

It will all be great fun!  Happy New Year!