Thursday, October 12, 2017

California's Smoking

Me included.  There has been lots of smoke so that I have skipped my exercises to not irritate my lungs.  The winds bring more or less of the smoke from Napa Valley my way each day.  The attention is finally turning to apportioning blame, and the target in the crosshairs is Pacific Gas & Electric, since it seems that the fires were all started by their downed power lines.  The question is whether or not the trees near the lines had been properly trimmed.  No doubt the lawyers will have plenty to say on this so we will stay tuned.

What caught my attention was a claim that if PG&E were found liable, then we would have a moral duty to disband PG&E and turn it into a public utility.  What amuses me about this is that PG&E is already a public utility, given the level of control.  But leftists can never be satisfied with less than the ideal Marxist control, which must be clear to the public, so we now have a pretext to make the bad situation worse.  Or maybe not.  The other argument is that government control over this kind of phony private entity is greater than it would be over a mere government department, so that the government department would be less subject to destructive regulation, bureaucracy and political interference than PG&E currently experiences.  I am expecting a lot more smoke along with mirrors as these arguments are put forward.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Pondering Las Vegas

Who was Stephen Paddock and what were his motives?  Don't know.  Maybe some more info will turn up after a few days.

Theories I am tentatively considering:  He wasn't a fan of country music, so clearly he wasn't a Tump supporter since all Trump supporters are country music fans.  Given the length of time it took the SWAT Team to find his dead body, I am guessing that he wasn't a donor to the Republican party.  I am a little skeptical of the ISIS link, since he ended his life with a bullet, rather than a suicide vest. that took out the entire Mandalay Bay hotel.

Need more data.