Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Pondering Protests

There wouldn't seem to be much to add to the rants that are out there about America's football player's protesting.  I will start with two observations:

1. The Great Society began half a century ago with high hopes for eliminating poverty and class.  It failed, which should be obvious to everyone, especially those of us in California who get to navigate through the homeless and their droppings.  As a church janitor, I now have the privilege of cleaning up around the homeless squatters on our property.  Good stuff.

2. The Great Society was organized entirely by "Progressives".  (Progressive is a fancy title that means paleo-Marxist and/or anarchist, but many pose as Christians.)  A fortune was spent and continues to be spent, while laws redirect all sectors of America according to the tenets of the Progressives.  Because it was a "secular" enterprise, anything that would not be offensive to Christians was unconstitutional, this being the current understanding of what "Separation of Church and State" means to the intellectuals running the show.  Since the Bible is all about human character and its deficiencies, this meant that the Great Society was necessarily an enterprise that was in denial about how human beings worked in the real world.  In other words, it was doomed to fail from the beginning, which should have been obvious to anyone with any familiarity with human nature.

So yes, I have sympathy for the sentiments that are behind the protests.  There is something rotten in America.  Unfortunately, the protestors will rage against the innocent for a time, and on behalf of the latest doomed-to-make-things-worse concept that the Progressives have just dreamed up.  The role of the Progressives in all this won't be examined until the Final Judgment.


Rummuser said...

There is something or the other rotten everywhere you look now Looney. Try and name one country where there isn't something or more rotten.

Looney said...

Indeed, there is rotten everywhere. My main point was that the US for half a century implemented every conceivable government policy and program to try eliminating what was rotten, and failed completely.