Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Laziness Epidemic

Was starting to research this so I could blog about it, but the first article I ran across with Google was by Paul Krugman, who is one of the world's most notable lazy intellects and produces tirades that are specifically tailored to the tastes of the mentally lazy.  Notably, the article tries to argue that there isn't any rise in the lazy deadbeat culture due to excessive government subsidies.  I have my personal take on this since I must weekly gather the trash from around a local squatter who is young, healthy and lives entirely on government benefits.  But maybe I am wrong about Paul Krugman, since it takes a certain amount of moxie to argue the economic equivalent of the flat earth theory.  This is going to take some more work to prepare the real blog post, but I will just highlight this faltering effort and head off to bed.  Too lazy to stay up and finish it.  Goodnight!


Rummuser said...

Nice to know that you are a fellow member of the lazy bones club.

Looney said...

I suppose laziness is relative. The morning's hike/run in the mountains was only 12 miles. Feeling very lazy!

Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

I have little respect for Paul Krugman, so I will be very interested in reading your take on his "opinion". I still remember that he went to Portugal, in the height of the financial crisis 2008-2012, and said that Portugal had to decrease minimum wages to become more competitive (detail: he said it in a time when we were all fighting to increase minimum wage to €475 or so; with flat rents averaging €350, and the food prices sky rocketing)...the man didn't do his homework properly as economic policies are not one size fits all...oh well...

Looking forward to the "real" post :D


Looney said...

@Max, I am still trying to get motivated here, but the heat wave with the soot from forrest fires is causing me to procrastinate!

I do have a theory I am toying with at the moment: As a cause becomes more and more obviously ludicrous and destructive, the adherents to that cause will become increasingly energetic.

Max Coutinho said...


I hear you. You are also having forest fires? It seems to be a quasi universal plague *nodding*. The question is: intentional or not?