Sunday, June 04, 2017

8 Minutes

This is with regard to the London terror attack and the remark that it took eight minutes to bring down the terrorists.  The timing is on my mind since I just had my CPR training renewal and their timing was 2 minutes.  This takes quite an amount of energy and I could probably double it or maybe go for 6 minutes, but ambulances can arrive in much of the US fairly quickly, so that 8 minutes would be a fairly long response time for a random location in the US.

Last May I was in the Czech Republic enjoying Charles Square in Prague with many thousands of other people.  There were several groups of 3 or 4 well armed soldiers moving around at opposite sides of the square looking for suspicious people, which strangely didn't include me.  My guess is that anyone who pulled out a weapon wouldn't live much longer and might not get to use the weapon more than once.  30 seconds would be a good run.

The London Bridge area is quite similar in that thousands of tourists congregate and it wasn't long ago that an unarmed policeman was killed by a knife attack that certainly wasn't stealthy in the least.  The latest news shows more unarmed policemen rushing to the center of the battle where one of the knife wielding assailants was "rugby tackled".  Now I know rugby is a tough sport, but a single rifle bullet would have accomplished the same trick a bit faster.

But "Enough is Enough", which I understand is a UK expression meaning something like "I have not yet begun to be in Denial" for us Americans, to misquote John Paul Jones.


Inklings said...

I would think that in any of those situations, eight minutes would seem like it was taking much, much longer.

Looney said...

It probably seemed like an eternity to some.

Rummuser said...

London Police responding in eight minutes on the London Bridge is remarkable. That bridge at that time of the day is the last place where one would expect a terrorist attack. I suspect however that the Brits have now learned a lesson and there will be more cops around places where crowds can be expected.

Looney said...

@Rummuser, that was the second time in three months. I also keep in mind that one of the most famous terrorists of all times - Guy Fawkes - targeted the parliament building which is what the London bridge leads to. But that was the year 1605.

Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

I share your view that the Brits are in denial. In absolute denial. As for the 8 minutes: in Europe, that is remarkable indeed.


Looney said...

@Max, a 21 second video of the recent Notre Dame attack in Paris is now online: