Sunday, March 19, 2017

Creating a New Medina, by Venkat Dhulipala

Per Ramana's recommendation, I have picked up this book, but am barely into the introduction.  This is a book about the politics leading to the formation of Pakistan.  A sentence that jumps out early is this:

"In this regard, it was not just envisaged as a refuge for the Indian Muslims, but as an Islamic utopia that would be the harbinger for renewal and rise of Islam in the modern world, act as the powerful new leader and protector of the entire Islamic world and, thus, emerge as a worthy successor to the defunct Turkish Caliphate as the foremost Islamic power in the twentieth century."

It seems to me that this is a recurring theme among the Mohammedans: That they would come up with the next worldly power.  For me as a Christian, my only hope is that the governments that we live under in the West will not become too efficient in their struggle to exterminate Christianity.  But God is sovereign, so I trust that He will do what is fitting and succeed through means that are in defiance of Man's power and wisdom.

The other angle to my reading of this book is that my various learning schemes have all been upset by getting myself too busy with work and swimming, leaving myself too tired to do much.  Creating a New Medina should be a good interlude.


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

Creating a new Medina? I'd help, but I too have been too busy. The only thing I have been able to do, regarding my language studies, is my Hebrew on Duolingo. It is a great way to not forget what I have learned in the past and a good preparation for when I finally move to Israel.

As for our Muslim friends: they will never get a Caliphate. And that's the inconvenient truth. And Pakistan, of all places? Now that's a utopia! This post of yours reminds me of Supertramp's Dreamer.


Looney said...

Max, your comment reminds me of our leftist friends who keep dreaming of a utopia in which everyone is equal, prosperous, fulfilled and they tell everyone what to do. Every time the dream fails, they double down and try again. So I imagine this exercise is primarily about trying to understand the Mohammedan utopian mindset, even though we know where it leads.

Have fun with the Hebrew! Sure wish I could tune out the world for a few months and drop in to a language school in Israel.

Rummuser said...

One Ataturk destroyed the Caliphate but the latest kid on the block has a devious plan that is very enticing to all Muslims everywhere. This is preached by many Imams in many mosques all over the world.

Looney said...

@Rummuser, the Mohammedans certainly plan on a longer time scale than the West!

Rummuser said...

If you care to know more about Pakistan, there is another brilliant book by an American author.

Looney said...

Nice review. Oh, what the world would be like if there were once upon a time a warmongering madman who constructed a religion both to justify his crimes and to inspire his followers to devote all their human passions towards joining him in world conquest, with promises of future bliss to motivate them.

Rummuser said...

There was and his followers are still waging war against the infidels.