Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Mug Him Again!"

A link to this quote is here.  It was of a judge who had allegedly been mugged, and bravely announced "this mugging will not influence any of my decisions from the bench", which caused a heckler to shout, "Mug him again!".  Clearly one mugging was insufficient for the judge to imbibe the serious of crime, or else he had not really been seriously mugged.

But then what happened on a small scale in New York is now happening on a much larger scale in Europe.  The victim is no longer the stubbornly clueless intellectualoid whose ideology blinds him to all data, but instead it is the random Europeans who find themselves the target of terrorism.  What I won't do is shout "Terrorize them again!", even though the intellectualoids remain adamant that they will not let any of these events influence their opinion on religion.  May God save Europe from its intellectuals and leaders.


Rummuser said...

In the short term the common European may suffer, but in the long run, Europe will close its doors to all refugees. It is just a matter of time before this happens. It also does not bode well for those non Europeans already settled in Europe including the UK if things like this happen repeatedly - http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/745056/Muslim-protest-demands-Islamic-caliphate-Allahu-Akbar-Belgrave-Square-London-Syria

Looney said...

I think you are right. The European intellectuals and leaders will refuse to learn anything correct from this and instead shut their door to all refugees.

Ursula said...

I am surprised at you, Looney. It is so not your style to throw "intellectuals" and "leaders" into one pot. If anything those two categories couldn't be at more opposing ends. Not that I am saying that leaders aren't, occasionally, intellectuals and vice versa.

I also disagree with you and Ramana. Whilst it is very convenient to throw all European countries into one pot it doesn't work like that. For that Europe (as opposed to the States) is too small. No matter what "family" Europe constitutes each country has maintained its own identity. And history. And for that reason alone Italy will always be chaotic, France the belligerent middle child, the UK the overgrown toddler with nothing but self interest at heart, and, naturally, GERMANY, the big brother/sister expected to sort it all out. And woe betide them if they don't. And they will [sort it]. It is their nature. There is little moaning. There is mostly "doing". And one thing Germany will NOT do is close their borders to refugees. It can't. It's a historical impossibility, apart from the fact that I do believe Germans to be a compassionate lot. It's like poverty or homelessness. Once you yourself have experienced the utter despair (and associated shame) of being down and out and shunted you'll never close the door on anyone in need. Ever.

At the most, Germany will (have to) modify its immigration policy. But that's about it. As to the neo fascists rearing their so ugly heads, well ... there will always be bad apples and rotting. Main thing is to pick them out of the crate before they infect the rest. And let no one say, and I am amazed at some of the news reporting, that "terrorism" is an IMPORT. It isn't. Remember Baader Meinhof (the Red Army Faction) anyone. That was terrifying. Truly terrifying. Home grown.

Hope you'll forgive me my rather passionate spur of the moment outpouring, Looney,


Looney said...


I appreciate your passionate outpouring. No problem with that. And I have spent enough time working in various places of Europe to agree with you, that each country is culturally distinct. Drastically. But I haven't been there long enough to witness what others claim about each hamlet being distinct. If I recall right, Facism was all about national socialism and race, maybe a bit of culture, but otherwise is identical to most of the rest of Europe's and America's intellectual classes in their opinions on religion: they claim all religions are essentially the same, but useful vehicles for power if you can hijack them, and irritating if your opponent controls them. When it comes to how they view religion, I will lump both European and American intellectuals along with politicians, including fascists, as being essentially indistinguishable in their views. Since the official view of religion developed as a knee-jerk reaction to Christianity, there is no hope for them to understand. As for the Baader Meinhof gang, I have some vague memories. I expect that to be viewed as the "good old days" if things keep going the way they are heading.

At the same time, the Christian in me says that God will always work out the best plan, in spite of the efforts of men to create chaos.