Tuesday, December 06, 2016

50F = 10C

The water temperature in the lake is just now getting good.  For the last two years I did the mid-week swims alone in December, but this year I have three other partners who sometimes show up besides the cormorants and coots.  This morning was a thick fog so we had to swim within 25 meters of the shore to keep from getting disoriented.  The air temperature was 38F, so things are still fairly warm.  Happiness is a swim in a winter lake!


Ursula said...

I'll take your word for it. Having been without hot water in the kitchen for several days "happiness" (and clean crockery, cutlery, glasses, pots and pans) comes from a tap. The things we take for granted, Looney, never give a thought to - till they are taken from us ...

Other than that I do worry about your heart. Not sure about my facts here but would have thought that the heart has to beat harder the more adverse conditions (say, cold) it has to withstand.


Looney said...

It is usually the mind that gives out first. Confusion and unclear thinking can cause mistakes. Thus, I usually plan ahead how much I can do and don't deviate, unless it is to shorten the swim. The care in knowing the temperature is part of this. Another consideration is that getting out and getting dressed is the hardest challenge when the air is much colder than the water. This too has to be carefully organized and done quickly.

What I have learned that I take for granted is the feeling in my feet that allows for balance, along with the function of the fingers when you try to button something. Little things that I had never considered before.