Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mission Peak in the Rain

Saturday was a rainy mud stomp up Mission Peak.  This photo was from the 1900 foot elevation level looking at the 2500 foot summit.  The wind was blowing hard so that the rain was stinging my face, which left me doubtful about reaching the top.  The winds get stronger as you get higher and sometime it is impossible to stand on the summit.  Much of the rest of the climb was on the down-wind side of the peak, so I continued on while a cloud blew in and made it all foggy.  Reaching the top, the wind died down, but there wasn't much of a view while standing in the fog with the rain.  Beautiful.  There was one minor fall on the way down going through the mud, but I was expecting it so no problem.

It cleared a bit on the way down, so here is a view of the hangars at Moffett Field and NASA Ames Research Center which are across the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay from where I live.  The levies are part of a system of salt evaporator ponds that have been constructed around the bay. The rain picked up again towards the end, which help get the mud off of me and made for a perfect ending.

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