Monday, October 24, 2016

The Yoga Pants Controversy

In case anyone hasn't heard about this, you can get the details here.  My first observation is that what are termed "Yoga Pants" were formally known as "tights", and don't have anything to do with Yoga.  I can't really be sure why call their tights Yoga Pants, but perhaps it makes them feel more sophisticated.

Other than this I must express my sympathy for those women who must choose between wearing Yoga Pants and wearing a Burka.  It is a terrible thing to be forced to choose between these extremes because modesty and decency are now public outrages.

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Rummuser said...

I just love to be in my lungi and kurta! Or, when I go out, in my pajama and kurta outfit which is comfortable and practical. But I am a male and am 73. I am not running for President or trying to impress young women. Yes, the yoga pants wearers usually wear that to impress other women!