Saturday, October 08, 2016

"God will give us the president that we deserve."

That was my answer to an inquiry at a party about whether it should be Trump or Hillary.  Clearly we have been bad as a nation and some punishment is needed.  Or maybe I should say that the punishment needs to be raised to another level.

A related item is a memory of growing up on the edge of Appalachia.  We had a derogatory term for poor whites who were especially believed to be morally loose: "White Trash".  A difference of today is that revelations or accusations of such behavior from the nominees no longer result in any surprise.  What was formerly an exception is now mainstream, having been fully embraced by academia and modernist theologians, with Hollywood a little behind.   The damaging thing to the prospects of a potential candidate is a revelation of a clean past.  Clearly that would point to some sort of extra-terrestrial disguised as a human.  This would be much more scary.  The final irony isg that those who are loudest about condemning Trump from the left for his behavior are the same ones who are desperately mainstreaming Trump's behavior into America's culture, government and legal system.

"Woe to you who desire the day of the Lord!
Why would you have the day of the Lord?
It is darkness, and not light,
as if a man fled from a lion, 
and a bear met him,
or went into the house and leaned his hand against the wall,
and a serpent bit him.
Is not the day of the Lord darkness, and not light,
and gloom with no brightness in it?" - Amos 5:18-20


Inklings said...

I just keep wondering how the candidates ever got to the point where they are now. My brother has a solution - send the candidates to Mexico and THEN build a wall so they can't come back. But what has Mexico ever done to deserve that? Our poor, poor country!

Looney said...

As one author said about Mexico, "the only thing organized was the crime". There is a weak argument that the current political attitudes in America are a third-world import. But I tend to view America's culture as degenerating to a third world level and below without any outside help.