Friday, July 29, 2016

France: Foreign Funding of Mosques

This post is some random pondering related to France's effort to ban foreign funding of Mosques.  What I am wondering about is the precedent that will be set in this.  When I was working in France, I attended a little Southern Baptist church that was almost certainly receiving foreign subsidies.  Theologically the Southern Baptists aren't that much different from the earlier French Huguenots who were brutally exterminated by the Papists.  But enough of history.

It seems that the French government's idea was to put a government institution in between the foreign donors and the Mohammedan institutions that receive the funds.  Would they do that to Buddhists?  It does seem a little like what mainland China does.  One quote I like from the article is attributed to a Senate committee:

"On the one hand there is the intent to organise Islam in France in order to have greater control; on the other hand it [Islam] cannot be touched because of the 1905 law.  The equation is unsolvable."

Thus, the challenge of how the government is to engineer a Peaceful Islam (note: Islam derives from the word for peace), while simultaneously staying out of religion.  The religiously tolerant Romans had a similar issue with the Druids and their human sacrifices, but since the Romans had no concept of the separation of religion and state, their solution did not involve much hand wringing.

I expect things to get much more messy, since political correctness precludes any sensible policies, and then the world will come to an end.


Rummuser said...

France will fail.

Pravin said...

I dont think "fail" is right. We need to add a dimension to this argument - Time. What if 1905 law is amended?

Also, I think French Govt has all the rights to do what helps them reduce chances of organized terrorist attacks. I am not sure though, about mosques funding these attack.

Looney said...

@Pravin, the problem here is that the West - both Western Europe and the US - have more than 2 centuries of education invested into a metanarrative about "religion" which was invented to promote secular atheism. The 1905 law derives from this metanarrative which is influential throughout much of the academia, ranging from psychology to sociology to history to comparative religion. It basically asserts that all religions are more or less the same: They are never helpful, but can be either benign or tend toward violence and terrorism depending on the degree of passion of the followers.

The idea that individual religions actually teach different things and consequently have distinct character is anathema to them, but this is what must be accepted before there is the possibility of anything sensible being done. Thus, to correct the failings of the 1905 law would require that France reject its entire national world view that begins with Voltaire.