Thursday, May 19, 2016

SF to SFPD: Change or else

A black girl is shot by the police, so the white police chief is replaced with a black one.  The pretext is to bring about healing of wounds, although it is my understanding that political correctness has never done anything except create more chaos and more wounds.


Ursula said...

"... political correctness has never done anything except create more chaos and more wounds", you say. Most certainly more wounds.

The political correctness drive often ignites by highlighting issues where there aren't any.

To say I am confused is an understatement. Clearly behind the times, I often ask the Angel for advice. It's fascinating (not that he necessarily prescribes to pc wording) how au fait he is with the lingo. When I reported back to him (after the event) of my recent N-gate he just said: "Oh, Mama. What did you expect?" I didn't expect anything. I was talking about my pan.

To illustrate further how hemmed in pc language makes us all, and I may have related this before: A few months ago I wanted to thank a woman whose name I didn't know, only the company she worked for. I was in knots, Looney, before I dialed the company's number. In the end I decided it best to drop the "black" in describing her, and hoped that "has a big smile and wore a read coat" would suffice to identify her. It was. Mainly because there were only a handful of people working for that outlet.


Inklings said...

Hmmm, so will they change the Chief of Police day by day as different people are shot by the police? We live in "interesting times", like the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times."

Looney said...

@U, you could have tried something like, "the spectral absorption and reflectivity properties of her skin were distinctly different from native northern Europeans". But it sounds like you managed well enough.

The Orthodox Jews only have 613 commands to comply with and generally don't impose those rules on random people. I believe that the PC police have more rules than this, even though they neither have morals nor expect to be held accountable for anything.

Looney said...

@Inklings, this might be better called "The War on Law Enforcement".

Rummuser said...

I am not really qualified to comment except on that accept of political correctness. Nuts.

Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

A cop killed a citizen? It happens everyday, it's sad but it happens more often than we know.
PC? You know what I think about it: I vigorously fight against it.