Monday, May 09, 2016

Enlightenment about The Englightenment

Since The Enlightenment has come up on several tours on my current trip, I though it would be helpful to define this era.  My starting observation is that it is a universal characteristic of men that they consider themselves to be enlightened in proportion to their conceit.  Thus, Socrates considered himself to have known nothing, and was thus deemed to be the most wise of all.  Or to put it another way, a person deems himself to be Enlightened in proportion to the degree to which he is a Fool.  Thus, the choice of the naming of an era as the Enlightenment should be obvious:  The Fools took over academia.

That this era is honored and praised by our current era simply informs us about who is in charge of the intellectual climate of our current age.


Rummuser said...

Be comforted that I am far from being enlightened, I don't even know how to become!

Looney said...

I am struggling to figure out how to get from a false outward image of non-enlightenment to a genuine internal belief that I am less enlightened than others. Any idea how to accomplish this?

Rummuser said...

Sorry, none whatsoever. You can try the Dalai Lama.