Sunday, March 06, 2016

Guide to Exit Polling

Pollster: Sir, can you answer some questions for our exit poll?
Voter: Are you Sirring me young lady?
Pollster: Yes, can you tell us who you voted for.
Voter:  Um, voted?
Pollster:  Which name on the ballot did you put a mark next to?
Voter:  Trump. Yes, that's it, Trump.  He's de man.
Pollster:  Thank you.  Can you tell us if you are an evangelical?
Voter:  What in tarnation is an eve-ant-jelly-coil?  Does it go in a car?
Pollster: No, .... I mean yes, .... I mean an evangelical isn't something that goes in a car ... That is, an evangelical can go in a car, but it isn't a car part.
Voter: You don't sound too certain of yourself.  Can I find one down at the junkyard?
Pollster: Sir, what I am trying to ask is if you are someone who cares about Religious Values?
Voter: You mean the hardware store down on Main Street?  Is something happening to them?
Pollster: Sir, I see you are white, do you own a gun?
Voter: Yes, of course I own a gun.  It is over there in the truck.  Let me go get it so I can show it to you ...
Pollster: Thanks sir, that will be all.  I will just go ahead and mark you down as an evangelical since you are white, own a gun and drive a truck.
Voter (shouting): Sarah, can you get the new gun out of the truck?  This confused young lady wants to see if it has an eve-ant-jelly-coil in it, and I don't know what she is talking about.


Rummuser said...

I can't imagine that this really took place. If it did not, my compliments on an amazing imagination!

Looney said...

Most democracies would be better off if the public were trained to deliberately lie to pollsters 2/3 of the time.

The post was my reaction to claims that it was mostly "Evangelicals" who were voting for Trump. The problem being that Evangelical is a very poorly defined category that encompasses a wide variety of groups, ranging from ultra-conservative to Rastafarians. A tricky feature here is that every time a conservative tries to come up with a term that refers to conservative Christians alone - including the word conservative - there are a whole bunch of other groups that believe the exact opposite and immediately embrace the term.

Rummuser said...

Okay, I get it now. I have been following the pros and cons of the appeal to the Religious groups by Trump,

lee woo said...

The entrance strategy is actually more important than the exit strategy. See the link below for more info.


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

lol very good criticism. I lie at exit polls, every time. A secret ballot must remain secret until all votes are counted.
So, if one is fair skinned he's automatically white, if he owns a gun and drives a truck, not only he's white but also an evangelical...interesting how people mislead the public with their silly perceptions.

Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

Looney said...

@Woo 小姐,

??? what has entrance/exit strategy to do with the topic?

Looney said...

@Max, hmmm, your thinking is amazingly similar to mine.

As you know, leftists are the first to scream about stereotyping. But they are also the most enthusiastic stereotypers!