Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dr. Trumpenstein's Monster

I am still trying to remain aloof and bemused by the election fun.  But now I have to speculate a bit: what would the situation be if someone could engineer a creature that feeds on cheap shots, insults, misrepresentations, libels, caricatures and drive-by sliming?  In other words, all of the tools of modern intellectual discourse - whether it be philosophy, theology, politics, economics, ethics or morality - are absorbed by the monster and serve as catalysts and energizers to invigorate and empower the creature to even more horrific acts of rhetorical desecration against all that is dear in the era of political correctness?  I am not suggesting that the creature is particularly rational, but it might grow uncontrollably and wreck havoc for a time before the Earthlings figure out a better remedy. But will they be able to change their behavior?

Someone may protest that this Trump creature isn't only offending against Political Correctness.  Instead he is in violation of the laws of God, Man, Civilization and Physics.  No doubt that is true.  It is also true that the peddlers of Political Correctness deliberately equated their notions with the laws of God, Man, Civilization and Physics.  Why should we expect a mere brute to maintain the distinctions, when it was the intellectual geniuses of our time who destroyed the distinctions?  God is just and He is certainly happy to let us suffer some of the consequences of our folly.

Time to kick back and watch The Fifth Element again.  Or maybe The Blob.


Rummuser said...

Latest polls show that either HC or BS will win if Trump is the GOP candidate! It is now the GOP's problem!

Looney said...

The last two presidential elections didn't have any conservative on the ballot, so millions of conservatives like me didn't vote and Obama won. That could happen again, since Trump is neither conservative nor Republican. The counter arguments are that polls always show Democrats winning at this stage, and Trump is clearly the only Republican candidate with the balls to take on Hillary. Also, the coming election will be about PC vs anti-PC, rather than conservative vs liberal, so Hillary vs Trump is the only match-up that makes sense!

Inklings said...

We need a "none of the above" slot on the ballot and maybe they would let us start over?

Looney said...

@Inklings, given that we are choosing a new captain for the Titanic after it was deliberately rammed multiple times into the ice berg, does it matter now?

Max Coutinho said...

@Rummuser HC or BS (and boy is the two letter combo a great fit for Bernie) will not win if Trump is the GOP nominee. I say this not because I support him (which I would never) but because Trump plays dirty. Dirtier than Hillary. Polls have been wrong before and they are wrong now.

Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

Your assessment is brilliant, needless to say. Trump is the result of decades of PC. Trump is the result of Pres. Obama's PC in the last couple of years. So...we shouldn't be surprised at it, should we? Yet, I worry because we have seen it all before, haven't we? This awfully reminds us of the pre-WWWII environment, when lunatics (with appealing populist speeches) rose to power.

Like I said before, these elections are making me miss 2008 and 2012 presidential races.

Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

Looney said...

@Max, thanks for your encouragement! As for having seen this before, I would point to Schwarzenegger's run for the California governorship. He won easily over a completely corrupt Democrat. But the forces of corruption unified, and destroyed the Governator mostly with underhanded bookkeeping, which was followed by the near total collapse of the Republican party in the state of California. So my fear of a Trump win is because it will be only one too-clever Trump against millions of corrupt Leftists each seeking to bring glory to herself by being the one who brings Trump down. Since Trump is really just a symptom of the hatred of the Republican Establishment for the Republican voters, it will likely bring about an implosion of the Republican party and leave the US with total one party rule.

In other words, what happened in California will be repeated on the National scale.