Thursday, January 07, 2016

Gun Control Theater

When the party of abortion starts howling about guns, we can generally expect new world records to be set for hypocrisy.  The one angle I want to highlight is the correlation between gun crime and democrats.  For example, we can pick the list of the top gun crime locations in the US.  Number one is East Saint Louis, which is one of those cities where Republicans sneak in incognito and try not to stay too long, like the 19th century Englishmen who tried to sneak there way into Mecca.  Number twenty seven on the list is my neighboring city of Oakland, CA.  According to Dr. Wiki, this city consists of 68.8% registered Democrats and 5.9% Republicans.  Scanning the list, they are either well known Democrat strongholds or else I can't find the information easily.  I wish there was better tracking on such things, but my gut feel is that gun crime is almost exclusively a Democrat thing.

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