Saturday, January 16, 2016

Germany's Kampf with Mein Kampf

The article motivating this is from Der Spiegel, which discusses the recent re-publication in German of Mein Kampf after a 61 year gap.  In some sense the suppression was pointless, since English versions have been available for a time and Germans know English better than Americans do.  Plenty of other versions are available online, both in English and German.

The specific German re-publication supposedly has a large number of notes offering corrections with the idea that this will inoculate the reader from the text.  I tend to see this as something like our leftist "fact checkers", who try to correct campaign rhetoric as if it were intended to be a scientific argument, and in the process completely ignore,misunderstand or misrepresent the nature and substance of the argument.  The same "fact checkers" will then go into reverse fact checking mode when their favorite leftist rhetorician is challenged by defending every abuse.

Since I read Mein Kampf recently, my impression is that it is as much about condemning a worthless political-intellectual class as attacking Jews and Slavs.  The Jews are gone now and German women aren't producing enough children to need to seek Lebensraum in Slav territory, but that leaves the worthless political-intellectual class as the only enemy of the people still standing.  Perhaps they should be nervous.

The Der Spiegel article, as with American intellectuals, still declares that Hitler was "right-wing", as if right wing were about the state intruding into everything and hijacking religion for political purposes.  It is this continuing state of deliberate misrepresentation and denial that most needs to be highlighted.  Economically, the West is all fascist now, and using religion as a vehicle for politics is the only reason that the worthless politicians and intellectuals tolerate religion's continued existence, while they are in complete denial regarding the fact that religions aren't alike.  This sort of chaotic stream of consciousness has caused them to bribe a large quantity of those who worship the god of terrorism to migrate to Germany, which is already bearing its inevitable fruit.  Hopefully Mein Kampf will help Germans to look at themselves in Der Spiegel.  Maybe it will remind them that there really is a God who thoughtfully gave them a brain, and they do have a right to use it for good purposes.  That isn't what Mein Kampf teaches, but if they want to understand Hitler, they will need to turn their brains back on.


Rummuser said...

Frankly I thouht the whole thing was a bit of a much ado about nothing. Other than to be of some intellectual kite flying value, what would that book do now?

Looney said...

There are many ironies in their fight against this book. One being that several books that promote worse behavior aren't banned. Another being that Germany was one of the original places where there was a major push to have freedom of the printer, which was an original objective of the Protestant Christians.

Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

I don't care if Mein Kampf has been re-published. And I don't even think that most Jews care about it either as we have bigger problems to deal with. Hitler and his Nazism is a left wing garbage and I'm glad to say that many are starting to speak up about it.
There was a wonder article on the Telegraph about this...let me see if I find it...ah, here it is:

I'm slowly reading Hitler's opus (lol) and I'm having fun wondering how on earth the German people, including the wealthy and supposedly intelligent ones, fell for his rhetoric. Did they read Mein Kampf before following his ideology and accepting his leadership? It is obvious he had daddy issues, and megalomania issues. And he was manipulative too. But I'm just getting started anyway...

Ah, people nowadays complain for everything and for nothing.

Have a blessed weekend, Looney.


Looney said...

Hello Max,

I do like the Telegraph article. It probably indicates the real reason for the fear of the re-publishing of Mein Kampf!

Hoping you are having a wonderful weekend as well!

Max Coutinho said...


" It probably indicates the real reason for the fear of the re-publishing of Mein Kampf!"


Thank you, it was a restful Shabbat, indeed.