Saturday, January 30, 2016

Election Fatigue Continued

At this point it seems to me that there are three eternal candidates for the position of Emperor of the US.  Thankfully they aren't leading armies, nor do I think they would be able to correctly identify an army - or at least their own army - so we will leave that aside as something that needn't be worried about.  What I really want to do is to consider the character of the candidates as I see it so far and try to see to what degree they fit with the temper of the electorate.

1. Hillary.  I don't understand why she hasn't given up yet, but she certainly has her supporters.  At a restaurant a few days ago a young man was heard praising her as the best candidate to his son because of her vast "experience".  Certainly I can agree that she has plenty of experience.  But then again, so does an old tigress who stumbles into an unguarded flock of sheep.  El Chapo would be a serious candidate for the "experience" category, as would Ghengis Khan.  My impression so far is that Hillary has gone through life never doing anything in an honest and legal manner if dishonest and illegal option that accomplished the same end were available.  After all, doing things honestly and legally is boring.  The adrenaline rush comes with pushing the limits of illegality, while success in dishonesty puffs up the ego like nothing else.  Thus, for much of America she is truly the ultimate candidate:  We know the system is out to get us and we must do everything possible to get what we want.  This includes the older angry feminist lobby, but somehow it seems to includes a broader part of America, as the young man's praise for Hillary testifies.

2. Bernie.  There is a large portion of America that deem themselves to be "progressives", which is to say that they want to move forward to something like the Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, or maybe the Paris Commune.  They fully approve of all the policies of the government in Venezuela, but disavow all of the consequences.  Given that the large majority of the filthy rich are Democrats who are regular guests at the White House, they suspect that the perennial attacks on the rich by the Obama/Hillary sorts are, um, not fully sincere. Then along came Bernie with a purer message of revenge against the "rich", who was not at the same time clearly tainted by the rich.  For the gullible progressives, this is a message so attractive that its time has clearly come.  Even though Bernie is almost a fossil, his supporters tend to be younger sorts who have not yet understood that to be successful in raging against the rich, you must engage in pay-to-play with the rich.

3. Trump.  I doubt that anyone understands Trump, including his mother.  But we can make a few observations.  It has been said that Trump has embraced every possible political and non-political opinion, together with their negations, if you look long enough through time.  This guarantees that he will offend Leftists, RINOs, conservatives, atheists, agnostics, and religious fanatics.  Since Leftists always scream the loudest, this has certainly perked up my ears.  Can it really be that there is a candidate out there who dares to offend Leftists?  But then Trump's "tough leader" mentality comes in and he dishes out the rhetoric in return at anyone who picks a fight with him.  It is certainly effective if no one can fight back.  At this point I suspect there are a number of corrupt lawyers and judges who are salivating at the prospect of bringing him under control.  What seems to me to be the important feature in linking Trump to the voters is Syncretistic Fundamentalism.  This is the belief that not only can we embrace mutually opposite opinions, but we must loudly do this and take it to an extreme.  Yes, America is Free Market, and a curse on anyone who says otherwise.  But we are also Socialist and Communist with the same degree of certainty.  We are passionate about being the most free people who have ever lived.  Yet we have more laws than the rest of the world combined and the list is growing exponentially, which is proof of our greatness as well.  Obama may have remarked about "False Choices", but Trump has taken the ideology of "no false choices" to an entirely new level.

So my conclusion is that Trump is really the right leader for America, because Syncretistic Fundamentalism is an all pervasive ideology in contemporary America, embraced by the left, the right, the middle, the conservatives, the liberals, the living and the dead.  Hillary and Bernie may do well to a degree, but they will always be niche candidates.  To lead America as America collectively wants to be led, we need Trump.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Germany's Kampf with Mein Kampf

The article motivating this is from Der Spiegel, which discusses the recent re-publication in German of Mein Kampf after a 61 year gap.  In some sense the suppression was pointless, since English versions have been available for a time and Germans know English better than Americans do.  Plenty of other versions are available online, both in English and German.

The specific German re-publication supposedly has a large number of notes offering corrections with the idea that this will inoculate the reader from the text.  I tend to see this as something like our leftist "fact checkers", who try to correct campaign rhetoric as if it were intended to be a scientific argument, and in the process completely ignore,misunderstand or misrepresent the nature and substance of the argument.  The same "fact checkers" will then go into reverse fact checking mode when their favorite leftist rhetorician is challenged by defending every abuse.

Since I read Mein Kampf recently, my impression is that it is as much about condemning a worthless political-intellectual class as attacking Jews and Slavs.  The Jews are gone now and German women aren't producing enough children to need to seek Lebensraum in Slav territory, but that leaves the worthless political-intellectual class as the only enemy of the people still standing.  Perhaps they should be nervous.

The Der Spiegel article, as with American intellectuals, still declares that Hitler was "right-wing", as if right wing were about the state intruding into everything and hijacking religion for political purposes.  It is this continuing state of deliberate misrepresentation and denial that most needs to be highlighted.  Economically, the West is all fascist now, and using religion as a vehicle for politics is the only reason that the worthless politicians and intellectuals tolerate religion's continued existence, while they are in complete denial regarding the fact that religions aren't alike.  This sort of chaotic stream of consciousness has caused them to bribe a large quantity of those who worship the god of terrorism to migrate to Germany, which is already bearing its inevitable fruit.  Hopefully Mein Kampf will help Germans to look at themselves in Der Spiegel.  Maybe it will remind them that there really is a God who thoughtfully gave them a brain, and they do have a right to use it for good purposes.  That isn't what Mein Kampf teaches, but if they want to understand Hitler, they will need to turn their brains back on.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Anglican Woes

This references an article on the recent spasms in the Anglican cult as the "conservative" portions try to decide what to do about the American branch.  The immediate conflict is the American's conversion to the GLBT religion, which requires a complete rejection of everything the Bible teaches about sexual morality.  By the time they reach this stage, post-Christian theologians have invariably rejected and negated the Bible's teaching on everything, so that it would be more appropriate to call them "anti-Christian" and an "anti-Church".  One result of this is the rapid drop in attendance as they have lost 2.7% of their members in the year from 2013 to 2014.  This is one of those inevitable consequences of the inversion of the Christian theology, since those who desire to live a morally pure life and to be forgiven for their sins will find it necessary to seek God for help, while those who desire to live a morally decadent life and to be forgiven for their good deeds will soon find that they can achieve their goals without any assistance from God.

What does puzzle me is the forbearance of the "conservative" portion with this abomination.  If they were conservative, they would likely have ejected the American branch long ago, but somehow they just can't seem to let go.  Part of me says that the conservatives aren't really conservative, but perhaps merely traditionalists who don't know why their tradition is the way it is and can't defend it, but don't want it to change.  A side conclusion is that I am not so worried about the decline of Christianity in the US that is reported in the media recently, since both Christianity and anti-Christianity are included in the statistics on Christianity, and it is the anti-Christian portion of so-called Christianity that is apostatizing at the high rate.  But the anti-Christians who apostatize from anti-Christianity always claim that they are apostatizing from Christianity, rather than apostatizing from anti-Christianity, which makes the apostatization rather confusing.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Local Pool Heater Breakdown

The pool is an outdoor one where a few hundred people swim laps each day throughout the year.  The result is that the pool has closed and the swimmers must either skip their swims or find a differently swimming hole.

Sadly, none of them have sought to join me at the lake.  This year the weather was very cold in December, so that the lake temperature went down to its coldest by the New Year.  I have been swimming twice a week, since things are busy, which has been quite delightful.  Hopefully I can increase this to three times.  It is just me and a few coots.  Temperatures have gotten a bit warmer over the last week with the rain showers coming through, so we are likely a degree or two warmer into the mid-40's now.  Thankfully I haven't gotten sick so far this season, since a cold stopped me from swimming for a month starting in early January last year.  My goal is to have this be the first year I can swim regularly in the lake for the entire winter.

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Gun Control Theater

When the party of abortion starts howling about guns, we can generally expect new world records to be set for hypocrisy.  The one angle I want to highlight is the correlation between gun crime and democrats.  For example, we can pick the list of the top gun crime locations in the US.  Number one is East Saint Louis, which is one of those cities where Republicans sneak in incognito and try not to stay too long, like the 19th century Englishmen who tried to sneak there way into Mecca.  Number twenty seven on the list is my neighboring city of Oakland, CA.  According to Dr. Wiki, this city consists of 68.8% registered Democrats and 5.9% Republicans.  Scanning the list, they are either well known Democrat strongholds or else I can't find the information easily.  I wish there was better tracking on such things, but my gut feel is that gun crime is almost exclusively a Democrat thing.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

2016 Moral Dilemma of the Year: How to react if a driver is stopped due to taking a selfie at an intersection?

I have seen this twice now, so would like some help considering the options.

1. Honk the horn.  The problem with this is that it will be taken as encouragement by the one taking the selfie.  If it wasn't a good picture, then why would they honk?

2. Ram his car with yours to express your displeasure.  This has obvious problems.

3. Go stand in front of his car and do your daily Tai Chi practice.

Other possibilities?