Monday, November 30, 2015

How to keep your cool in a world gone mad

We have had an early cold snap so that the lake temperature has fallen much more quickly this year than last.  This morning was a nice frosty one with a few people using scrapers on their cars and one student I saw walking to school fell on some ice.  When the mile swim was done, my coolness wasn't just some external show like most hypocrites do.  No, it was truly a cool that reached down into my core and took hold of my soul.  Winter swimming is the way to go for those who want a quality cool rather than some imitation.

During the last few swims there was a mob from #BlackCootLivesMatter.  This is a rather proud group known for walking on water, as can be seen here.  They generally stay close by me while I swim and note all of my micro-aggressions.  The other major players in the lake are the #BlackCormorantsWantToBeLeftAlone group.  Anyway, the cold seems to have dissuaded them from being in the lake just before dawn, so I no longer have the companionship that I was enjoying earlier, even if it was from groups that exclude me.


Rummuser said...

Can you hear me laughing?

Ursula said...

Why are you doing this to yourself, Looney?

When I was in my teens I swam (alone, no other takers)in early autumn, late winter, in lakes so cold that the reason I emerged unscathed only due to youth and the miracle our body is. Now? If you paid me I'd still do it - not expecting to die either. Voluntarily? Nah. By golly, it's the coming out of that water after the excruciating having gotten into it in the first place which takes a lot of bravery. I'd literally keep swimming because I couldn't face the chill factor on emerging like a goose pimple from little froth.

Maybe both of us were an icicle/frozen yoghurt, respectively, in a previous life.


Looney said...

@Rummuser, :)

Looney said...


I suppose the reason for the cold swims is that I find it strangely addictive now. Before it was just a challenge to see if it would be possible. The weekends will see more people doing this in the lake, but only the older ones do it without a wetsuit. And yes, it is the same for me, that the getting out is the most painful part of the process, and it will be another four hours before my body comes back to a sensible temperature. Even buttoning the shirt and zipping up the pants can be a challenge when the hands aren't functioning.

Icily Urs,

Max Coutinho said...

ROFL "#BlackcootLivesMatter" LOL LOL LOL LOL

Hello Looney,

Hilarious post. I laughed so hard that I temporarily forgot that you swim in cold cold water...but I guess it's good for your health.

And I thought that all coot lives matter :).


Looney said...

@Max, as you can see, the cold water is causing me lots of strange hallucinations.

Max Coutinho said...

Looney, lol lol I'd say the cold water is sharpening your sense of humour instead :)

Have a blessed weekend.