Saturday, September 05, 2015

Natives vs Aliens

A note arrived that a nearby park which is part of my daily walking route will be closed so that the creek bed can be widened for flood control efforts.  The portion to be closed is a half mile long and unfortunately include a section of the park that is a conduit between parks.  The plan is to remove the existing trees, widen the channel of the little creek, reinforce the new embankments, and then, "One hundred twenty-one (121) native trees will be replanted towards the end of project construction in 2016".  The closure will continue for about a year.

Looking at this from the positive side, the one year estimate is considerably less than the ten years that it took to build the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal, while the 61 mile long Kiel Canal took eight years.  The canal that Xerxes built across and isthmus in Greece took 3 years.  What has puzzled me more is the need to have native species replanted, since clearly I am not a native species here, nor are the Chinese and Indian Indians who frequent the park.  Why is it that invasive species are offensive in most cases, unless we are talking about homosapiens, at which point the more invasive the better?  But then if we talk about building housing for all the aliens, people start getting sour and grumpy again.


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

Very interesting the way you decided to address this issue.
As you probably know, we in Europe are having problems with migrants (that the left insists on calling "refugees") who chant Allah hu Akbar and raise Pakistani flags, reject food and throw chairs at each other and at the cops. The EU is trying to convince Europeans we need to welcome them all; Germany accepted to welcome 800,000 till the end of the year; South & Eastern European nations and the UK are reluctant to accept them and the Germans are (practically) accusing all of us of being cold-hearted bastards.
Someone said we shouldn't fear them because when it comes down to it, Europeans are vicious and "we'll kick their freaking butts; blood will run in the streets of Europe" - and he wasn't charged with incitement, probably because everybody knows about the underground Christian and nationalist militias being formed a bit all over the continent.

I remain here, watching...


Looney said...

Hello Max,

Things do look a bit mad. Or to put it another way, I see a bunch of crazed Sodomites using taxpayer money to bribe Sharia Law fanatics to move into the house next door, while claiming a moral imperative from Heaven and simultaneously declaring themselves to be atheists. Part of me wonders what the historians will make of this a century or two later, but ISIS will probably blow up the entire memory of Europe, so this won't be an issue.

On this side of the pond I am expecting that soon the government will issue grenades, incendiary devices, assault rifles and armored vehicles to all members of #BlackLivesMatter along with every drug dealer and addict in the country as mandated by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Keep in mind that the US military is prohibited from intervening in domestic affairs.

So my attitude is just to get some popcorn, pull up a chair, and sit back and enjoy the show!

God is Great!

(Which I mean seriously, in that I truly believe that the madness is spiritually driven - and can only be explained spiritually - and that God intends good for His people which will be worked out through the chaos.)

Rummuser said...

Enjoy the show while you can Looney.

Max Coutinho said...


Indeed. I'm always adopting your posture: get some popcorn, sit back on my favourite chair and watch the show (whether I will enjoy it or not, that's a different matter).

Can't the US Military intervene in domestic affairs under Marshal Law?

G-d is Great: Amen!

Tonight starts Rosh Hashanah, so I share this wonderful festivity with you and your family: may the new year be sweet, healthy, prosperous and intellectually fertile. May G-d bless you and yours.

Shanah Tovah

Looney said...

@Rummuser, since I can't turn this show off, I have only deduced two options: 1) Enjoy it, 2) Sulk about it, and 3) try to tune it out with something else. Do you have any other options you could recommend?

Looney said...

@Max, given that the US Constitution requires a 2/3 majority of congress for the president to make a treaty, and by not calling the treaty a treaty, the president succeeded in negotiating a nuclear weapons and missile development treaty with Iran and getting it approved on a 1/3 vote, I really cannot say what can or cannot be accomplished. My sense is that the Establishment is inciting civil war, so they will have no trouble throwing up legal blocks to anyone who would attempt to bring about peace or anything else sensible.

May God grant you a a blessed new year as well! I didn't have Rosh Hashanah on my radar, but will give it extra consideration as we prepare a feast for the group tonight!