Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lost in Space


Inklings said...


Marf said...

Ok, you have me interested. When was this taken? I see the name ZARYA, that's the name of the first module of the ISS to go up.

Looney said...

@Marf, this is at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. It has a complete mock of all the ISS modules for training purposes. This room also has prototype remote control vehicles for testing along with docking mechanism test capabilities. Sadly I was getting the tourist view of things, which means that I get to bring my camera along. My engineer situation usually has me getting a front and center view, but without the camera, although my business needs haven't yet taken me to Houston.

The last space vehicle that I had to work on was Mars Pathfinder. My job was to put together the detailed simulation code for the airbag bounce landing, based on my automotive airbag work.

I was warned not to go swimming in the nearby bayous since they are infested with alligators.

Hoping you are doing well!