Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Jaundiced View Of The World

Some say that it is not good for a newborn chick to spend a lot of time with a grumpy old loon.  The old loon, however, seems to be getting the worst of this as carrying around the 7 and a half pound weight for extended periods of time is putting a load on the back.  But being an aquatic animal, I shouldn't be surprised that I can swim much further than I can walk, especially when carrying junior.

Anyway, the doctors say that my grandson has jaundice, and if the jaundice doesn't go down they are going to put him under some lights to cure it.  Thus, I have the duty of walking him around in the daylight to get him some sunlight.  No need to worry about sunburn, since I am limited in my carrying time due to old age.  The last checkup indicated that he was doing fairly well, so hopefully this won't be needed too much longer.  It is certainly good news that jaundice is a curable condition.  And it is still a joy to do what I can with this new little one.


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

He's gorgeous. This is just an initial hiccup in his journey, but G-d will Bless him with health.


Looney said...

He is certainly healthy and we are thankful to the Creator.

Rummuser said...

My best wishes for his speedy recovery.