Friday, June 26, 2015

A Taxing Experience

I never take taxis in the US, so an exception needed to be made.  This one put a television in front of my face and expected me to watch advertisements the entire way to the airport.  What kind of people take taxis these days?  I requested the driver to turn it off, for which he at least killed the sound, making it bearable.  This stands as one more reminder that I am an alien here in the US.

On the way to the airport my driver caught the attention of a policeman, and we got stopped.  He pointlessly explained to the officer that I was late for my plane, even though I had said nothing on that subject and I was actually an hour earlier than I needed to be.

I wasn't much into photography for this trip, so will just leave the one picture below.  The young lady at the hotel desk tried to interest me in paying a higher fee to get a room with a better view, but I refused, so this is from the lowest floor.


Rummuser said...

Taxi drivers in the USA can be very interesting! I haven't been to your part of it, but in Atlanta, New York and Boston, I found them to be quite interested in me as well as interesting as characters. Those were days before the mobile phones, car televisions etc, but the ubiquitous radio was ever present. I have fond memories of my taxi drives there.

Looney said...

Sounds like you have had many more experiences with taxis than I have!

This driver was a young black man with a foreign accent and a Catholic picture of Mary on the dash. I should have talked with him earlier, but we were both quiet and didn't start to talk much until after being stopped for the ticket.