Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Popular History of France, by François Guizot

I have about 30 hours remaining of this work out of the total of about 100 hours.  Currently I am on Louis the XIV.  What I have learned is that Louis the XIV was king for 72 years and an absolute monarch for 56 years.  Or to put it another way, he was a dictator for more than half a century.

The part that really stuck out to me is Cardinal Richelieu who at one time clamped down on the protestant Huguenots with all the force he could, but then became lenient to them once his authority was established.  This was completely the opposite of the policies of extermination that were waged against the Protestants by the Catholics elsewhere.  Then there is the bit about the 30 years war and the fact that the Protestants would not have been able to bring this war to a peaceful conclusion without the intervention of Richelieu.  Apparently we Protestants owe are freedom to a Catholic cardinal.  So much to learn.

A peculiarity in all this is how France became the overbearing monster state.  First this was done by the Romanists, and then by the Monarch.  Now, it is the European Union pushing for the super state.


Rummuser said...

The European Union's days in its present form are numbered. They will have to morph into something else or revert to the old Europe and UK.

Looney said...

Yes, I agree that a change is inevitable. But can it be done in a way that results in less bureaucracy?

Rummuser said...

I doubt it. Both the big players Germany and France are bureaucrats by instinct.