Tuesday, March 24, 2015

UCLA and the Diversity Inquisition

One of the privileges of sending your kids to college is that you inherit the school magazine after they leave home a second time.  Or was that the third?  Anyway, the article that cought my eye is "True Colors: Hollywood's Diversity Dilemma".  The crisis is the white males are over represented relative to their percentage of the population.  For example, "Film studio heads were 94 percent white and 100 percent male".  Clearly this implies a conspiracy worthy of another James Bond movie.  Preferably with a black, female playing James Bond.

"This year's findings also confirm that multicultural storytelling sells.  Films with relatively diverse casts enjoyed the highest median global box office receipts and the highest median return on investment."  Yes we need some more episodes of Lord of the Rings.

"We found that people want to see shows that they can relate to.  Shows with casts that roughly reflect the society do better."  Chewbacca comes to mind here.  I can relate to the Hulk in some ways.  Maybe we could have the next Star Wars movie done with half the storm troopers being female.

Nearing the end, we are treated to, "There is no greater imperative for a media company than creating content that authentically resonates with all audiences, especially younger audiences ..."  Like Spongebob Squarepants.

The thing that puzzles me most, however, is that the overall argument is that the studios aren't maximizing their exploitative financial potential because they are discriminating against minorities and women, which hurts their image with the media addicts, thus, diminishing the return on investment to the vulture capitalists.  Additionally, the literal turn-off due to overly white, male broadcast TV will necessarily reduce ad revenues, which in turn will diminish sales of V-12 Ultra-King Cab trucks and exotic cruises, which will cause Americans to consume less irreplaceable natural resources than our neighbors, thus, losing the competition to be the greatest materialistic power in the universe.  Or perhaps I misunderstood?

Update: Following up on Ramana's comment, you can guess the race and gender of the author of the article, Jack Feuer, by following this link.  The breakdown of gender and ethnicity of the students is here.  As the slang goes, UCLA stands for University of Caucasians Lost Among Asians, given that Asians are the largest, um, racial group and whites are second.  Then we must also note that UCLA discriminates against Chinese and Indian students, and in favor of other racial minorities with respect to enrollment.


Rummuser said...

I am amazed that a school magazine has that kind of content. Was it written by a student? If yes, how old would that student be?


Looney said...

Doing some research .... the author is Jack Feuer, who is an old, white male working as editor for UCLA Magazine! It is based on a study done by their center for African American Studies. The largest racial group at UCLA is "Asian" (clearly Asian is one racial group), thus, UCLA's meaning was changed from University of California at Los Angeles to University of Caucasians Lost Amongst Asians. They are 4% African American. We won't mention what percentage of the sports teams are African American.