Sunday, March 29, 2015

'Tis the season for Tiger Mom's to start relinquishing their cubs.

The college acceptance letters are coming back to the high school kids at my church.  This being an Asian church in America's densest concentration of Tiger Moms, that has rather severe implications.  Many will go off to Harvard, MIT or CalTech, but a few will need to stoop to the top four University of California schools:  UC Berkeley, UCLA (Los Angeles), UCSD (San Diego) or UC Davis.  We won't discuss the emotional ramifications (for both parents and children) of going to lesser schools, although I have personally observed that youth from some of the lesser schools are often more successful.

Many parents were wanting to know information regarding UC open house days where parents and students get to visit campuses to help make up their mind.  This brought back recollections of 11 years ago when we went to the UCSD open house.  The children were quickly separated from the parents and taken out to a court yard where a leader organized them into events that were designed to train them to have "fun".  The parents (including my wife and myself) were then herded into a large classroom where a professor of Psychiatry gave us an extended group counseling session.  The gist of her lecture was that after eighteen years of upbringing, the kids have gotten what it is that you wanted to teach them, whether you realize it or not.  So get over it.  Or something to that effect.


Rummuser said...

Did you get over it?

Looney said...

Apparently not!