Saturday, March 28, 2015

Those who live by the Pao will die by the Pao.

The verdict was that Kleiner Perkins was not guilty of discrimination in firing Ellen Pao.  No doubt we will continue to be inundated with pseudo moralizing regarding gender discrimination being rampant in Silicon Valley.  As a Christian, I am constitutionally obligated to keep my morals to myself, so will make no comment on this.  I will, however, go off a bit into dangerous waters by suggesting that Silicon Valley might get a completely different message from what has officially been determined as the message that we are supposed to get:  Beware the ambitious woman.  It would be better not to hire them in the first place.  At least that is what would seem to be a better conclusion based on the statements that have been made, which again, is not my Christian take on things.  What is certain is that we can look forward to a lot more rhetoric on the subject.

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Rummuser said...

I would not take a bet to the contrary.