Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gender-Fascism and the Tech Industry

I have been seeing a steady stream of articles lamenting the low participation rate of females in the tech industry.  A selection of articles on computer science is here and here.  For engineering, we have this and that.  Given that I am a male engineer who happens to do a lot of coding, the clear takeaway from these articles is that I am a condescending chauvinist and also hostile and unwelcoming towards females.  Of course this should be obvious, since those who go into engineering and computer science typically relate to machines and equations much better than they relate to people, thus, we are all socially challenged.  What no one seems ready to study is whether or not engineers and computer scientists are equally condescending chauvinists, hostile and unwelcoming to their own gender.  And how do we behave towards kittens and puppies?

There is a flip side to this, that the dominance of women in many majors (medical assistants, education, psychology) is comparable to the dominance of men in engineering and computer science.  Anything involving people, whether dead or alive, will prefer females, so that the large majority of forensics students are female.  Then there is the fact that something like 60% of college degrees are awarded to women.  A popular version of this was part of the Grand Torino movie which left us with another famous quote from a Clint Eastwood movie:  "Hmong girls over here fit in better.  The girls go to college and the boys go to jail".

Clearly gender is a complicated thing.  Perhaps we can hope for a future convergence as bionic females attract more male interest due to the imbedded coding requirements and females take more of an interest in counseling and softening the artificial intelligence derived personalities of the terminators.


Rummuser said...

This is not a problem with the USA. This is universal and with the brief exception of experiment by the Soviet Bloc, no enduring solution has been found. You saw what happened to the Oscars this time, where this was brought out in the open. I think that you scratch all human beings and you will find patriarchy alive and kicking.

Looney said...

I am mostly with you on this, except that we now have two male managers out of the office on maternity leave! Thus, my primitive notions of patriarchy are being more and more brought into contrast with modern science which has proven - after a careful study of all the evidence - that men and women are biologically and psychologically identical!