Monday, January 12, 2015

Prediction for 2015: The Jews will ally with the "Far Right" parties against Europe's Establishment Parties

It is about time for me to make a prediction.  Furthermore, it should be a risky prediction, since predicting that the Spring will come is not particularly brave or useful.  Since Netanyahu and Le Pen were both disinvited from the "Je Suis Charlie" event, I will stick my neck out and propose that certain parties that began anti-Semitic will find it in their interest to reverse course, just as those which were not formerly anti-Semitic have already found it convenient to become hostile to the Jews.

This isn't to agree that there are "right wing" or "far right" groups in Europe.  The term "right" in Europe refers to parochial fascism that respects traditions while demanding massive government intervention, as opposed to universalist fascism which seeks a pan-national, lowest, non-common cultural denominator with a similar per capita rate of perpetually increasing government bloat.


Rummuser said...

That will be only one aspect of the possible alignments. I think that all of us must revisit Huntingrton's Clash Of Civilisations again and view his postulates in the current scenario.

Looney said...

I did take the time to read through the Clash of Civilizations writeup to see what this was about. My forecast would seem to be according to Huntington's general theme. The original paper from 20 years ago is looking dated now in various aspects, but still accurate in others.