Saturday, January 24, 2015

California Supreme Court: Judges can't be members of Boy Scouts

This is the latest ruling, but it seems that I have missed a trend that has been going on for a while.  The article says that 22 states have rulings baring judges from serving if they belong to groups that bar people based on sexual disorders.  I had wondered how that squares with say, Islam, which says that gays should be executed, or Judaism which also says that gays should be executed, but only if they are within the borders of Israel and the government is a Jewish theocracy.  Christianity teaches that those with sex disorders should be admonished to reform their ways and that their access to target populations should be restricted, which is likely where the Boy Scouts got their rules.  The article indicates that there is one remaining exception to the California courts rules, which is for religious organizations.  The "ethics" advisory committee had even gone to the point of banning judges from being part of US military organizations prior to the rulings that sexual disorders were not to be discriminated against in the US military.  My understanding is that this is doing wonders for morale as Christian US soldiers are commanded by lesbian officers.  How does that work if the officer who sends you into combat hates you more than the enemy?

The article quotes the committee as saying this will "promote the integrity of the judiciary" and "enhance public confidence".  No doubt the sex predators will all agree.  I can't really protest any of this, however, since the US is a neo-pagan theocracy, and I am like Abraham before, an "alien and pilgrim" on the Earth.

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