Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Pondering Riots

The recent Ferguson events have me thinking of the 1992 LA riots.  I was flying back from the east coast and went into LA at night, which is usually a mass of lights going forever.  The situation was visibly different, since many blocks were blacked out due to the vandalism.  We normally make the final approach into LAX going from the land, due to the sea breeze coming off the ocean.  In this instance, however, the landing was reversed because air traffic control didn't permit the planes to fly low over the neighborhoods where shots were constantly being fired.  Eventually I got home to my worried wife with nothing more remarkable to note.

So has there been any progress since 1992?  One observation is that the chaos spread far and wide after Ferguson so that even San Francisco was treated to protests and vandalism, although formerly they had been safely separated from the chaos in Oakland.  In terms of the rhetoric, the main difference seems to be that the voices of the anarchists, social justice theologians, and ethicists are much stronger in pointing out the obvious fact that if there were no law enforcement, then there wouldn't be any police brutality.  And while we are at it, if there were no laws, then there would be no law breaking.


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

I have been avoiding to make any comments about Fergusson. First, because I believe another opportunity to address the way black parents bring up their kids was lost; and second because I'm tired of black people behaving the same backwards way - grow up!

What worried me though is that ISIL has been trying to recruit young people in the midst of the chaos; plus, Pro-"Palestine" activists trying to convolute the issues...very dangerous.



Looney said...

Max, it is certainly hard to say anything useful about this incident.

In my mind, the principle trouble makers are white, tenured atheist university professors who are enraged at God. Keeping the Black community down and always on the edge of rioting is part of their way of lifting their middle fingers toward heaven. Every effort to give the Black community something better has been thwarted in the courts and condemned in the media by these fanatics. Separately, they have always viewed Islam as an ally in this war against the Creator, whereas they view Christianity, America and Israel as God's precious children, thus, they can never stop plotting evil against these three.

So if God is on our side, there is nothing to fear. Without God, however, we have exactly zero hope.

Max Coutinho said...


I couldn't agree more with you.

"So if God is on our side, there is nothing to fear."