Thursday, December 18, 2014

Looney DNA Analysis

This came from my sister from her DNA test:

"Great Britain 59%, Scandinavia 24%, European Jewish 8%, Ireland 6%, Finland/Northwest Russia 2%, Europe West 1%".

I was in some doubt as to whether or not Jewish was a race, but it seems to be.  Clearly my foray in to Russian history was needed to explore my "roots".  And it is good to know that my name, Looney, is connected to Ireland by DNA.

I am much disappointed that there wasn't any Vulcan or Klingon DNA found.


Rummuser said...

Why did you go for it?

Looney said...

My sister did this and passed it to me, so technically I didn't do it, except to post it.

Delirious said...

That's very interesting, I would be interested to see what my results would be. Supposedly we have some Welsh, Danish, English, and Cherokee Indian. My husband has alot of the same, but also has native Puerto Rican Indian and Swiss. We are a Heinz 57 nation. :)