Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Xenocracy: Governance in the Galactic Federation

Can differing life forms that experience wholly other realities embrace a mutual government for a shared destiny?  This seems to be the experiment that we have embarked upon.  For example, in the former experiment of the coalition government involving the sheep and the wolves, there was agreement on the concepts of "teeth" and "biting" that provided a certain framework for communication and negotiation.  In the current situation, even this modest degree of shared beliefs cannot be relied upon.

For example, the Washington Post lamented that the president was "impotent" regarding the events in Ferguson, since people had placed all kinds of unreasonable expectations on the first black to be elected to the office.  And they whine, "Obama never actually promised to bind up the nation's racial wounds =- that was a hope others placed upon him, far too naively".  Yes, the campaign of "hope and change" never happened.  It was a fabrication of Fox News.  Blacks and minorities are angry because they have lost the right to vote in the Washington Post's reality.  The American conservative's reality, however, states that the current administration has taken race baiting to an entirely new level and used the justice department to engage in endless warfare against civilization on behalf of anarchy, while the dead are often more faithful voters than the living.

Then there is The Economist, who took offense at the notion that the US was headed towards tyranny due to the government no only refusing to enforce immigration laws, but also litigating against states that are trying to gain control over the hordes that are flooding in.  The alternate reality, however, is that the US never has had any laws regarding immigration, and this is entirely the fault of the Republicans, who have unilaterally refused to make and pass any laws on the subject.  All this begs the question as to whether left and right have a shared concept of "law".  Given that they don't have a shared concept of "US Constitution", it would be more surprising if the notion of a "law" were agreed upon.

The latest one brought to my attention is a clever saying, "If Obama came out in support of oxygen, Republicans would suffocate themselves."  Thus, implying that Republicans are purely reactionary in thinking, whereas Obama is a faithful supporter of ancient traditions of unknown origin.  Then there is the other reality, which states that the Republicans are brainless, knuckle dragging traditionalists who certainly wouldn't understand the concept of oxygen.  This later reality seems to be embraced by the same smart ones who embraced the former reality, so that the number of distinct realities in a Xenocratic legislature can exceed the number of legislators.

Given that this level of difference is clearly otherworldly, I can only take the current news as a sign that we are part of some extraterrestrial experiment in governance where mutually antagonistic viewpoints have been deliberately implanted for the purpose of seeing whether or not lifeforms with alternate realities are capable of mutual cooperating in government.  Hopefully they will send me a copy of their final report.

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