Friday, November 21, 2014

Executive Action Regarding Open Borders

I can't understand why conservatives don't get it.  Obama's speech had nothing to do with Amnesty, and it was only a reiteration of what he has been doing for the last 6 years.  Leftists don't believe in Amnesty.  Leftists believe in a post-national universalism that obsoletes national borders.  Everyone is free to migrate anywhere and vote and shop for the best social benefits.  Leftist intellectuals have been writing about this for decades and now are implementing it.  After the speech, I was tuning in to CNN where the moderator was discussing the fact with a Hispanic activist that the US has - until Obama - never actually had any immigration system.  To many Americans this is nonsensical, but when you realize that the only immigration that makes moral sense is a pure open border system, it becomes clear that America has never really had any system for handling immigrants.

Then there are those small minded people who think they are being clever by pointing out that the president took an oath to uphold the US Constitution.  Do they really think that the US Constitution is some silly document written in 1787?  Seriously.  The Constitution of the US is the US Constitution that is determined by the intellectual elites, thus, our president always, by definition, upholds the US Constitution in whatever action he takes.  i.e., Our president is an intellectual elite.  This US Constitution alone is to be upheld and treated as sacred, which is exactly what our presidents take the oath to do.

So where does this leave me?  Being a Christian first, I must look at this from a Christian perspective.  For example, Pharaoh too upheld the Constitution, in spite of the temptations that Moses offered him to do otherwise.  The end result accomplished God's plan, which was apparently to destroy the Israelites in the wilderness, until Moses talked God out of it.  Thus, my end conclusion is that I should relax and realize that I am likely in the middle of a great epic story of some sort and God will eventually bring the outcome to something good.  Meanwhile, I just need to be on the lookout for opportunities to do good to others and show kindness.


Delirious said...

I tend to agree with you. I think this is all part of God's plan, even though the left would be appalled to hear it.

Looney said...

:) I think the leftist that would be most appalled to hear that God is working His plan in this way are the modernist theologians!

Does your church ever go through the book of Revelation? I have been studying this a lot recently for the purpose of teaching it.

Rummuser said...

Looney, it is difficult to find one answer for this kind of a problem. Your problem from what I understand is illegal immigrants. We have the same complicated by their being Muslims who come in and disturb the demographics of non Muslim societies and use politicians to indulge them by becoming vote banks. I am against this kind of immigration though they call themselves refugees. When I support them being deported I am called a heartless bigot. I disagree and now that we have a government that agrees with my views on this issue, I am suddenly no longer a bigot. We live in a funny world and like both of you, that is you and Delirious, I too believe that this is God's plan and stop losing sleep over the matters.

Looney said...

Rummuser, you are certainly right that Americans should give thanks that Mohammedans are a small minorities of the migrants in our country. My biggest complaint is that we could typically provide charity to an entire village in Honduras for less than the cost of one illegal child in the US government's school system.