Monday, September 29, 2014

In California, Yes means Yes. Maybe. You Decide.

Having seen some headlines on this latest law out of Sacramento, I decided to take a look at the actual text.   This also references a federal law which is here.  As I understand it, the law is intended to govern what happens when someone passes out during a party with drinking and drugs that almost certainly had sex on the agenda.  It also governs the appropriate behavior for a young fornicating couple that sleeps together regularly.  The law seems to be well written, in that it can involve n-participants of any gender, thus covering most potential relations short of bestiality.  What remains undefined is "sexual activity", "sexual assault", "dating violence" and "stalking".  Perhaps Bill Clinton could be hired as a consultant to refine the text?

The bill doesn't directly cover such behaviors, but only states that four types of California Institutions, independent universities, the community colleges, the California State Universities and the University of California, must provide regulations and procedures that address the specified topics.  Good thinking, since the feminist professors in these institutions are the experts.

What makes this fun is that my wife and I are covered under these same sexual behavior regulations, since I am taking a class with a Christian seminary that has a California branch. Thus, a domestic dispute of a married couple must now be given the same sort of solemn judicial consideration by the school faculty as would formerly have been given only to someone who serially and randomly abducted and raped students walking home from school at night.  Another feature of the college tribunals is that "innocent until proved guilty" is replaced with "guilty until proved innocent" in the academic context.  Since the new campus culture is something that I don't understand, I won't try to make any judgments as to whether males, females or alternative genders are more culpable.  But if the lives of modernist professors are filled with mandatory listening to the petty disputes of the hyper-promiscuous along with a flood of false claims, it will be well deserved.  This is the utopia that they fought for.


Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

I read about this yesterday - Europeans seem to be somewhat puzzled by this law; but then again our college environment seems different.

What can I say about this? First of all, I wasn't able to read the text for some reason (perhaps only US citizens can?); second, I heard that US college campuses used to have a discriminatory stance when it came to rape (they would either try to silence the victims or the sons of the wealthier would always get away with their crime); so maybe this law is more intended to shape the Unis' behaviour? I will let you enlighten me...


Looney said...

Hello Max,

Hopefully the link to the text is corrected.

It is safe to say that the new law has exactly nothing to do with any concern for the chastity of young women. The official explanation is that there is an epidemic of girls being drugged and gang raped at parties who had no idea what they were getting into. The cynical view is that loose young feminists are often angry with whomever they chose to sleep with last and this is a stick for them to vent their rage or engage in extortion. I don't feel any particular need to support one view or the other.

US colleges have traditionally chosen the same policies towards sexual abuse that the Catholic Church did. The only distinction being that the Catholic Church officially condemned the behavior that they tolerated, while the US colleges have been at the forefront of deviancy in their public pronouncements.

Rummuser said...

I would love to live in California and be a life long student!

Looney said...

Would you prefer to be a male, female, or xeno-gender student?

Max Coutinho said...


Thank you.

Chastity of young women...has it ever existed? I am starting to doubt it.
I have only one thing to say: if, as a young lady, you go to a frat party full of drunk (and high) young men...I think you need to learn how to antecipate troubles. If you wish to attend such parties: don't drink, don't take drugs, stay alert and be prepared to kick butt. If you want to have sex with intoxicated losers then at least you will be able to control your environment to the minimum (although not entirely risk free).

Good comparison and explanation - I agree.


Rummuser said...

Interesting question that Looney. I had to think deeply. I have concluded that I would like to be a male for the only reason that that is all I know what to be!