Sunday, September 21, 2014

California Governor Election: Neel Kashkari

Neel is another Indian American who is running for Governor against Jerry Brown.  He is also running as a New Republican of sorts, with the idea that we can square libertarian and free-market economic and labor principles on the one hand with a theocratic government that worships total depravity on the other hand.   Of course there is the former New Republicans who are socialist, crony capitalists, such as the Bush dynasty and Karl Rove.  I am of the extinct conservative species that is largely libertarian and free-market, but noting that a socially dysfunctional population cannot survive in such an environment, thus, some pressure is needed to maintain functional (i.e. traditional) family arrangements.

On education, Neel is in the voucher + charter school camp, which is certainly a brave and constructive position.  Yet it really amounts to starting up a portable bilge pump on the Titanic.  A quality American Christian education is effectively banned for the majority who want it, as it has been for the last century.  A true voucher system is admittedly not in the cards now, since this would - per current legal rulings - require vouchers for jihadi training camps as well.  Then there is the teacher's union which he doesn't take on.  But all this is masked, because America's tech industry runs on foreign born and educated engineers.

Regarding university education, he seems to be pushing for much more flexible enrollment scenarios.  I would love to be able to sign up for some of the online classes, so this is really a pleasant sound to my ears.  He wants to give special treatment to STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) training, although others have noted that we have a glut of such people now, due to the decline in the portion of the US economy that needs such skills.  Good luck on getting university elites to take computer science more seriously than xeno-gender studies.

On the economy, he targets the sacred cows of the environmentalists first:  Drilling, energy, water, ...  This is going to go nowhere, but it is worth pointing out that the environmentalist are choking the state.  That California's bullet train was pure madness is something we can both agree on.  Then there is the thicket of over regulation that kills business.

My main thought is that if he were elected, the situation would be a lot like what happened with Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The Democratic legislature and government will deliberately vandalize the state finances, while the controller screams.  Then as soon as a Democrat gets back in, they will change the accounting procedures and the budget will miraculously balance again.  So good luck to Mr. Kashkari.  I won't be voting for either of these two governor candidates, due to their anti-family positions.


Delirious said...

Well, in my opinion, Gov. Shwarzennegger was a liberal in Republican clothing.

Looney said...

We really only have one party to vote for!

Thanks for the link on the article about Genesis. That was helpful.