Saturday, March 01, 2014

Signs of Spring

This is a glimpse of the nearby hills from my house.  In a normal year, the hills would have been greener than this by mid-December since the rains start in November.  This year it has only been the last few days that things have been turning green.

The peach tree has been flowering for more than a week.  It rained hard over the last three days, so the flowers are a bit frazzled.

The ornamental Maple is sprouting some new leaves.

The lemon tree has a different notion of seasons.  We still have a hundred or so lemons waiting to be picked.  Or maybe they are limons, since true lemons would be completely yellow by now.


Delirious said...

Wow, those hills aren't green enough for this time of year! But I heard that you have been getting rain, so I know that prayers have been answered.

Looney said...

I wasn't one of the ones praying. Can't be quite sure whether to pray like Elijah prayed or not. But perhaps the atheists have been praying?

Ursula said...

Am in two minds whether to make having a lemon tree (bearing fruit) an ambition of mine. I don't really like to disappoint myself.

Rain? In plentiful supply. Maybe God is weeping. Or has a bladder infection.


Looney said...

U, do lemons grow in your area?

Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

I am tired of rain. I had it. I am certainly looking forward to Spring time.
Thanks for sharing these great pictures (they are so soothing).


Looney said...

Max, it sounds like we need to trade. I love the rain.

Max Coutinho said...


We could trade indeed... :)
Too much rain this year and floods...a mess.