Saturday, March 08, 2014

Malaysian Airlines Thoughts

I did take Malaysian Airlines once in and out of Kuala Lumpur.  Friends and relatives are on this airline fairly regularly.  We will need to wait and find out what happened, but I presume everyone on board is dead.  May God comfort the families of those who lost loved ones.


Delirious said...

Such a tragedy!

Inklings said...

Yes, it is a tragedy and I am sorry for those who are waiting for news of their loved ones. Glad you weren't on this time!

Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

Indeed, that is a normal supposition. They may all be dead.

I am waiting for more details myself but (and don't tell people I told you this) there are similarities with a case that happened a few months ago - that the mainstream media didn't bother to report: a plane, from the Mozambican airliner LAM, took off from Maputo towards Angola and the plane just disappeared. A week went by and no one knew what had happened. After that, bushmen found the debris in Namibia and when they listened to the black box they found out that the captain had just dived the aircraft to the ground...Boom.
It's worrying if the Malaysian flight had a similar fate, as could be a new trend (and the Mozambican case was a test trial).

May God be with the families and with the possibly departed.


Max Coutinho said...

Ah, I forgot one thing:

Remember when, in one of your posts, I spoke of Moshe Aumann's piece "Land Ownership in Israel 1880-1948"? I finally got a link for it:

Thought you'd like to read it.


Ursula said...

Yes, Looney, that plane vanishing off the radar has certainly caught all our imagination.

Yet, who knows. Naturally, if the Angel had been on that flight I'd be grey by now, beyond frantic, probably forcefully held down in a strait jacket and heavily sedated to keep me from pacing up and down, bashing my head against the wall.

Still, call me incorrigible: Let's wait.

Certainty an insatiable human need: Wanting to know, needing to know. And sometimes we have to find Atlantis.


Looney said...

@Max, thanks for the link. This should fill in some missing details that I am curious to know about.

Looney said...

@Ursula, I was thinking somewhat on the benefits of being able to disappear periodically while pondering one of your posts. But the Invisible Man didn't have a happy ending.

Looney said...

@Everyone, it does appear that this is all getting more mysterious. There is always a certain curiosity factor in looking back on the various wild speculations after the truth is finally known.

Max Coutinho said...


You are most welcome.

And yes, the case of MH 370 (which is now being called MH318 in solidarity to the missing passengers) is getting more mysterious by the minute.
They are now looking for the plane in Taliban controlled areas...God help us all if they confirm this to have been a terrorist incident.