Friday, January 03, 2014

New Year Report

Below is a picture of a vulture happily celebrating the New Year while circling above our little hiking group.  The morning started early with a light frost and a few miles in Dry Creek Par.  After the hike, I did the Polar Bear Swim.  Someone said the water temperature was 46 degrees.  The afternoon air was closer to 70 degrees.  This made the transition to swimming a bit more traumatic, but the 3,000 yards went smoothly.  There were some worries that I might have a cramp, since I did a bit of jogging on the hike and the muscles were being used differently now, but it was all uneventful.  Tomorrow is the Winter Alcatraz Swim.  The water temperature should be 5 degrees warmer.   Don't know if I can handle the warm conditions.


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Delirious said...

Good luck! I'm praying for your safety!

Inklings said...

Good luck and be safe.