Sunday, December 08, 2013

Hypothermia and Church

This morning started with a lake swim at 7:00am, followed by a church meeting at 9:00am.  That didn't leave too much time between getting out of the lake and the next commitment, but I was on time.  We had a cold wind blowing last night so this made for a few waves along with a temperature drop.  One of our swimming party brought a thermometer and let us know that the water temperature was 50F (10C).  This is the limit where swimmers officially consider the water to be "cold", although some in our group felt that a modifier that I won't repeat was needed to express the particular category of "cold".  Likely it was related to the heavy frost and frozen beach.  My car thermometer reported 30F (-1C) for the air temperature, which was warmer than it has been.  The cold blast that is affecting America is also cooling the left coast, so we have been continuously much below normal and it will stay that way for the next several days.  This is going to test my determination, since I abandoned swimming last year the first Saturday of the new year when the water temperature dropped to 48F (9C).

I always need something to meditate on while I am swimming.  Today's puzzle for me is why people can't get to church on time.


Delirious said...

I wonder that too, because if it were a movie, they would definitely make it on time.

Inklings said...

It doesn't matter what time church is, either. This year ours starts at 1:00 and people are still late.
You are a brave man to swim in that cold.

Rummuser said...

Max Coutinho said...

Hi Looney,

Cold is everywhere. Even in Israel, which is not normal.

Maybe people try to get to church on time, but there's always someone who delays them - my grandma says it is a test, from God.


Dee Ice Hole said...

-22 here a few days---that'll make you think hypothermia.