Friday, November 29, 2013

Getting Cold Feet

I don't know why the expression "Cold Feet" means losing confidence.  The Thanksgiving lake temperature is likely around 54F (12C), which means that it takes about 1 hour to get the feeling back into the feet after doing a 3,000 yard loop.  If I didn't have confidence, I would have stayed in bed and the feet would have been nice and comfy.

Today we did the swim again, and will try one more time tomorrow.  The lake will lose another 3-3.5C as we get to mid-winter, so it is important to acclimate now.  The picture below is of me in the middle of the lake, but I am trailing my two swimming partners.  Today I was timed at 58 minutes for the 3,000 yard loop.  The New Year's Alcatraz swim is more like 2,000 yards, so it looks like I am on track for the usual 40-45 minutes to complete this.


Delirious said...

I'm glad there is a "we" component. At least there is someone to call for help. :)

Looney said...

We are required by the park to have a partner when swimming across the lake. Other than that, there were a dozen fishermen on the lake.

Max Coutinho said...

LOL Delirious' comment is awesome.

Hi Looney, feet got cold as I read your post. I sincerely do not know how you do it. Kudos for your bravery; that's all I can say.

I wonder if you hunt...