Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Overhead Comment: "This is the tastiest pork I have ever eaten"

Disclaimer:  My camera takes the pictures.  I am just the porter.  Also, the camera does not tolerate staged photos and I endeavor to report things as accurately as I can, without any prejudice.

The above comment was something that I had overhead from a patron at a restaurant.  The rating was affirmed by another.  It would have gone completely unnoticed, except for the unusual circumstances.  First, this was the last day of Ramadan.  Second, we were in Indonesia, which is the country on this planet with the largest Muslim population.  And third, it was a bit before the sun went down.  The mitigating feature was that this happened on Bali.  But then again, there were some Muslims in the restaurant.  The camera took the picture below, and I have faithfully reported what was observed.

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Rummuser said...

Viva Bali and Viva Indonesia.