Monday, July 01, 2013

BART Strike

Yikes!  I am glad I don't commute that direction.  A few hundred thousand cars will likely be dumped onto the clogged commute routes into and around San Francisco.

It looks like the pretext is soaring ObamaFare costs.  This is eating into their paychecks, so the union is all in a tizzy ... against the BART management and the commuters of San Francisco.


Delirious said...

I honestly think that we are going to move out of California when we come back to the States next year.

Looney said...

I expect things will continue to heat up here in the US ... until Christians are fleeing to China to escape religious persecution.

Russell Norman Murray said...

Funny, Looney...

Move to Scandinavia?

Russell Norman Murray said...

Thank you, Looney.

I clarified. The way it was written in Blackburn it was vague and unclear but I reasoned Epicurus was the author, but once you mentioned, I checked and I see in context Epicurus is not author.

Changed in main body.