Saturday, July 20, 2013

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"Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness." - James 3:1

The books have been ordered for Fall semester.  These books (5 in all) are on the required list for two smaller classes representing 4 credit hours.  A full load of 16 credit hours would presumably require much more reading.  The good news is that only selected portions of the books are required for reading.  The flip side is that there are a number of additional recommended books to read, plus some online reading assignments, plus the books have their own recommended further reading if I care to do anything more than meet the minimum requirements.  With the Hebrew class winding down now, the challenge is to get as much of the next semester's reading done before things get busy with writing papers.

I had hoped to continue with learning Greek, Hebrew, and other languages, but this must be delayed.  Our church is short of preachers, and, well, they seem to want me to preach, even though I am quite content to only be a teacher.  Nor have I even wanted to preach, since I am an introvert and quite paranoid about standing in front of large groups doing a monologue.  Yes, I have a much easier time relating to computers than people, so why should I want the ultimate people job?  But in the past, I have been coerced into filling in now and then.  Consequently, some well meaning church members deduced that I loved being up on the stage and was anxious to do this in spite of my training deficiency, and this deficiency should be corrected as soon as possible.  The irony here is that the overall challenges and responsibility for being a good teacher are similar to that of being a good preacher.  At the same time, our age thinks nothing of putting a 20-year old, new Christian in charge of teaching, but vast quantities of training are expected of a preacher.  Thus, one class I have been required to take is for preaching.  Because this class has a prerequisite of hermeneutics - proper interpretation - I have also been compelled to sign up for this as well.  My initial survey of the material indicates that the material is good and well written, although it is of the wordy sort of writing that pastors are known for.  The good news in this is that I now have a pretext:  "Sorry, I can't preach that Sunday because I am too busy with my classes"!  Onward!

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Ursula said...

You are doing just fine, Looney, "relating to people". Though don't forget to breathe. In. Deeply. And, obviously,OUT too. Otherwise it won't work.