Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bald Eagle Problems

I am still swimming twice a week at Shadow Cliffs park in Pleasanton.  The far side of the lake has a 20 foot bank rising up out of the water that creates a nice bit of lift when the wind is blowing.  A bald eagle coupled decided to choose the spot to hang out due to the nice conditions.  The last two swims this couple has provided us some good entertainment.  The problem for me is that I need to get a good picture, but I don't get to see them until I have been swimming 2,000 yards to the opposite side, which is more than a mile.  I could possibly put the camera in a bag, set it on a kick board, tie the kick board to my waist, and then swim on out. But would I keep the camera dry when I took the picture?  This morning they were happily posing on their perch, but the last time they were soaring back and forth along the cliffs with one of them carrying what looked like a goose chick.  This problem will most likely continue until I get my picture.


Ursula said...

Please do not endanger life of your camera, Looney. Even without photographic evidence I do believe that what you see you are seeing.


Rummuser said...

Ah, the frustrations of a photographer! Your life is more precious my friend. May be the Big Boss does not want the antics of the bald eagles recorded.

Delirious said...

Buy a waterproof camera! :)

Max Coutinho said...

Hey Looney,

Can't your camera be placed in a waterproof camera case?

I liked the imagery of the couple carrying a goose chick...ah, the romance of nature!
I admire your courage to swim in open waters...I do.