Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cassette tapes to mp3

My wife had been rummaging through the old things in our house and located some old cassette players.  The thought we had was that it would be nice if some of the old tapes could be moved to mp3 files.  This actually proved not too difficult to do.  The recipe I used is as follows:

1. Get an appropriate male-to-male connector and route the output of the cassette play to the mic of the laptop.
2. Download Audacity (  This will need an mp3 output add-on, but the software will walk you through this process.  Audacity is a fairly clean freeware program to my knowledge.
3. Insert cassette tape.
4. Fire up Audacity.
5. Hit the red record button on Audacity just as the Play button is pressed on the recorder.
6. Watch the squiggels go across the screen.  When you get tired of this, go relax and do something else until the cassette reaches the end.
7. Hit the yellow stop button.
8. Go to File->Export-> and follow the instructions for writing the mp3 file (and installing the mp3 file writing functions).

The example I have above is recording in mono mode since this is the format of the tape.  You can chose mono or stereo from Edit->Preferences->Devices->Mono.


Delirious said...

My daughter did this for my husband. He had a lot of books on tape, plus some of those "Think big and grow your business" type tapes. :) Now I would like to transfer some personal ones that I sent home while I was a missionary.

Vid said...

We got a stereo that can burn vinyl records or cassette tapes onto CDs.

Rummuser said...

In the process of simplifying my life I just gave away or threw away all my old cassette players and records and now feel like kicking myself. I did not ever think that I would but your post has just done that.

I migrated to completely new sets of CDs and DVDs and then discarded them all too and have now moved my music to an ipod which I connect to my sound system and hear it off that combination. I rarely see movies or other programs on the TV and so when I do want to see something, I see it on my large console for the computer by downloading from the Indian equivalent of your Netflix of the USA.