Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hebrew Studies: Nearing end of Semester 2

This has certainly been a productive semester since I now have an ability to understand a considerable amount of Old Testament writing.  On the other hand, two semesters really represents just the completion of the beginner stage.  

The last assignment I am working on is a word study.  In this case, a Hebrew word for blessed or happy ('ashrei' - אשרי) has been chosen for us to pursue. (Note that 'barak' is also a Hebrew word for blessed.)  Our assignment was to located and translate every verse in the Bible which used 'ashrei' and then write an essay on the usage.  This came to 33 separate verses which were mostly in the Psalms.  The translation is done, with only the essay remaining.  Besides this, there is a quick test and one remaining phone call for pronunciation testing.  

The question for me now is what to do next.  I could just continue signing up for the third semester fall class, but am tempted to give a semester break.  Studying would continue, since I really want to improve my understanding of Hebrew.  One possibility is to get some modern Hebrew materials to work with, while continuing with the study.  Still deciding ...

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