Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Anatomy of a Smile

Our Wednesday lectures series featured one on the Anatomy of a Bad Mood.  It gave almost as much attention to the Smile.  The point of Prof. Sapolsky's lecture seems to be that our mental state effects are physical state, and our physical state effects are mental state.  Thus, the process of putting people deliberately into a smile can set off electro-chemical effects that actually promote a happy mood, whereas the reverse is also true.  Perhaps this gives us some more insight into the Joker in Batman.  I personally would like to get a rebuttal lecture from a Vulcan, but that will need to wait for a different series.

But please smile.  It will change your mood.


Rummuser said...

13771Haven't you seen the artificial smiles on airline hostesses, waitresses, waiters and so on which clearly convey superficiality and indifference rather than joy at the encounter. I believe that the smile has to come as a response to a stimulus of joy in encountering something. Perhaps it is to change our attitudes towards one of awe and joy at just being alive!

Delirious said...

This reminds me of the video Rummy posted about body language.

I had to laugh thinking about the vulcans... :D

Looney said...

Ramana, you certainly have a good point. I was just looking at the article about Cathay Pacific Airways smile strike.